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How to have conversations about climate emergencies (and XR)

20. června v 18:30 - 20:30

? Do you want your friends and family to understand your activism, but you do not want to make them angry or lose them for dead end arguments?

? How can you make them interested instead of giving them a lecture?

? What are the realistic expectations in communicating these topics?

⏳ How to approach it slowly and give it a reasonable time?

? This workshop will help you address these and other questions and needs.

⏩ In English, on Sunday the 20th of June, at 18:30 till 20:30. With Kate Wiseman for all rebels and particularly new rebels ⏪

About the facilitator:

Kate has been a full-time activist with XR since June 2019 when she gave up her English teaching business in Brno to devote herself to taking action on the climate and ecological emergency.

She started the Brno local group, was the Cech Republic’s first national coordinator, and currently coordinates the movement development team despite not speaking Czech very well. She has also worked for XR in the UK and supported XR America and XR Germany with training and outreach projects. If you have questions about XR: she’s the person to ask!

Kate is originally from the UK where she worked in corporate learning & development and NGOs. She currently lives in Berlin and works remotely.

⏩ This workshop will take place via the Zoom application here:


20. června
18:30 - 20:30
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